Neck Pain and Desk Jobs: What’s the Connection?

by | Mar 22, 2023

Anyone who has held a desk job for very long knows that it can cause neck pain and back pain. Sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen, answering phone calls and filling out paperwork while looking down for hours on end. This, combined with sitting down for long periods of time can lead to many types of injuries. As a society, we are spending more time sitting down than ever, and our patients are dealing with the effects, especially when it comes to serious neck pain.


What’s the connection between neck pain and desk jobs?

The human body was made for standing and moving around – sitting all day means pressure on your spine, which is not something that is natural. It leads to poor body posture which can then lead to a slipped disc or other injury. Even worse, the muscles that support your spine can become weaker. This usually means lower back pain. Looking down at papers, your phone or a screen leads to pressure within the neck. You will definitely feel this!


The other issue that can occur is that excessive sitting actually causes your blood to flow at a slower rate. Your muscles don’t burn enough fat. Fatty acids can clog your heart and cause damage to the pancreas. Some experts even say it increases your risk of colon, lung or uterine cancer.


7 tips for relieving work related neck pain and back pain


  1. Stretch! Take some time to do stretches for a few minutes hourly. It can relieve a lot of pressure on your neck and spine.
  2. Adjust your keyboard placement and the height of your monitor. Put the center of the screen level with your nose.
  3. Limit phone screen use. This is a major cause of neck pain!
  4. Try a standing desk. As they become more popular, they are becoming more affordable – and worth the money! Standing keeps you on task, awake and moving more.
  5. Create a standing workstation. Designate an area in your office where you can stand and work as needed.
  6. Take a walk. It is good to take a little break now and then. Go for a walk during your lunch break. Fresh air is good for you!
  7. Get routine chiropractic care. Regular adjustments from an experienced chiropractor can help you keep your muscles strong and your joints moving, improve your posture, reduce neck pain and improve your range of motion.


Your job is important, but avoiding or treating neck pain from desk jobs is a priority. Take the time to keep your body healthy and feeling great by giving our office a call. If you have chronic neck pain or back pain, we can help! Our team of medical professionals will diagnose the root cause of your issue and then formulate an appropriate treatment plan. We can’t wait to see you!

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