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Same Day Medical Weight Loss Services

Why We Offer Same Day Medical Weight Loss Services in Chandler

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense that a Chiropractic and Medical Pain Clinic would help patients with their weight loss goals. Afterall, we have treated thousands of patients who struggled with limited movement, as well as back and joint pain from obesity. As a licensed Chiropractic Clinic, we have seen firsthand how additional weight creates stress and strain on the spine and joints, and in fact exacerbates nearly all medical conditions.
So, if you are one of the millions of people who struggle with weight loss, naturally we want to help.

nutritional counseling
nutritional counseling

Our Medical Weight Loss Program Details – Start Today!

At Absolute Pain Relief, we have designed a flexible weight loss program that allows you to eat normal foods, within moderation. There are no prepared foods you are required to purchase, or handfuls of expensive supplements to take.

Our in-office, weight loss program includes:

  • A comprehensive physical exam and X-rays with a medical professional
  • A B12 booster shot with exam
  • A 30-day prescription for Phentermine, an FDA-approved stimulant appetite suppressant (prescription based upon medical evaluation)
  • Weekly visits and weigh ins (not required)
  • Weekly exercise and movement guidance to improve mobility & show you the proper way to exercise (not required)
  • Diet and nutrition information to help you reach your weight loss goals
  • A prescription for food sensitivity testing, if needed
  • Monthly check ups and prescription renewals

Medication, Balanced Eating, & Exercise and Movement Therapy Sessions

What sets us apart from other programs is not only do we prescribe a medical weight loss supplement and teach you to eat a balanced diet, we also do something no one else does. We provide weekly exercise and movement therapy sessions for to improve mobility & show you the proper way to exercise. After all, healthy weight management and successful weight loss depends upon setting achievable goals and expectations.
The best part is, we can make you a same-day appointment so you can get started right away. Call for more information.

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